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Julia Stone shows amazing improvement

Posted on Monday, December 9, 2013 at 9:58 am

I have written several articles about a little girl that I have only had the pleasure of meeting one time. She doesn’t live close

Julia holding up a sign that was posted on Facebook.

Julia holding up a sign that was posted on Facebook.

enough to visit often, and she isn’t exactly family, but I feel like I have been with her many times, through the good and the bad. Julia Stone was diagnosed with stage 4 Ewing Sarcoma cancer that had moved to her liver, both lungs and lymph nodes. It began as a mass in her leg that spread to her organs quickly. Doctors talked to the Stone family as if Juls’ 20 percent chance of survival was all they had, but the Stone family, and friends knew that the power of prayer, positive attitudes and support was much stronger than a small percentage.

After several rough rounds of chemo, and many infections, Juls was given a break from her chemo to let her body heal. With the week off, that meant her full body scans had to be pushed back to give the medicine time to work. On Dec. 3 the Stone family headed back to Children’s Hospital after a family filled Thanksgiving and waited for the results. The results weren’t revealed until Dec. 4 since they wanted several doctors to review the scans.

The best gift the Stone family could receive was what the doctors revealed…outstanding progress! Her lungs were now CLEARED. Her liver was CLEARED, and her lymph nodes…CLEARED. The only sign of cancer was the small mass in her leg that shrunk from 10.4 cm to 5 cm. This mass is being scheduled to be surgically removed in the early part of January and the bone will be replaced by a portion of her pelvic bone.

It warms my heart to see this little girl feeling better and happy. She has been “back to herself” for the past couple of weeks and we only hope it stays that way! Unfortunately, Julia and her family will have to keep a very close eye on any symptoms that might be linked with Ewing Sarcoma since it has a tendency to return. She will continue to get chemotherapy for the next five months at a high dose to ensure that any cancerous cells that are left can be taken care of. Juls has been given the gift of health and happiness and for that we are thankful.

Throughout this journey I have come to realize that no matter if it’s family, or just an acquaintance, it is important to try and make a difference and show your support.

By Kristen Harris