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Juls beats the odds and celebrates her fourth birthday cancer-free

Posted on Monday, January 27, 2014 at 10:21 am

For those of you who have been following the Julia Stone story, we have more great news! Last I wrote Juls had her scans and

Juls at Children’s receiving a round of chemo dresses as Leonardo practicing for her birthday bash.

Juls at Children’s receiving a round of chemo dresses as Leonardo practicing for her birthday bash.

her lungs, lymph nodes, liver, bone marrow and spine where cleared of her stage 4 Ewing Sarcoma. The spot on her leg where the cancer originated measured at half the size of the initial tumor. The doctors were speechless when they reviewed the scans. They had several professionals at Children’s Hospital look them over just to make sure. Juls was first diagnosed just six short months ago and was told she had less than 20 percent chance of survival. This strong willed three-year old was able to leave doctors scratching their heads and calling her a miracle.

Julia’s journey has not been easy by any means. Since being diagnosed last summer Juls has been through 12 intense rounds of chemo, four surgeries, and countless blood, platelet and antibody transfusions. Her journey hasn’t come to an end now that the cancer is gone though; she still has 13 more rounds of chemo to power through to make sure that all the possible cancer cells are gone. Julia should be done with her treatments by July 2014. We are all hoping by then Julia will get to ring the Children’s Hospital bell to signify her last visit there for treatments!

This past weekend Juls celebrated her fourth birthday with a decked out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed party with all of her family. This was an extra special birthday since doctors didn’t give the family much hope and Juls has since crushed her 20 percent chance and will be able to play, share cake and pizza with family and open her presents as a cancer-free little girl.

Rachel Stone, Julia’s mother, posted on the Prayers for Julia Facebook page, “Her birthday is Saturday she’ll be four. So happy for her big day. I found the Barbie dream house she always wanted for half price at Walmart!

Friday is round 13 of chemo which means we will be HALF WAY done with it! Also Saturday will be six months since we got the awful news….it’s amazing how far God has carried us!”

Chances of surviving Ewing Sarcoma has been increasing as technology advances, but is by no means guaranteed, especially with advanced cases. The Stone family was blessed to be a part of a miracle. The community has been behind them since day one and now, as a whole, everyone is celebrating the blessing of another year that God has given this family.

By Kristen Harris