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Juuls rise in popularity at local high school

Posted on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at 9:26 am

By Dylan Buck and Mardi Berryman

Troy Buchanan High School

Troy Buchanan High School, like many schools, has noticed a recent rise in the popularity of Juuls being used at school, a new kind of E-cig.

These problems arise as students fall victim to the larger issue of peer pressure, and teachers and administrators work to prohibit them.

“I’d say teachers can notify administrators, and administrators can do what they can with them, but in reality the students are the ones who have to change,” Deputy Victor Chavez, TBHS Sschool resource officer, said.

Although peer pressure may be one of the main causes to the Juuling fad, another large factor is the need for some teenagers to feel rebellious.

Rebellious acts are often seen at this age as teenagers feel the need to act out against the restrictions they feel they are put under.

“I think this is just wanting to be rebellious, and also wanting to fit in, because high school is a rough place and can be hard to fit in…I think that they use this as a way to fit into the crowd,” TBHS junior Bradlee Campbell said

Teachers may feel that there is no way for them to help with this issue, However, the opposite is true. Teachers can have a large impact on helping reduce and further solve this rising issue.

“Just trying to educate the kids more about the dangers of it and the repercussions that can occur if you chose to do that to your body,” THBS teacher Ryan Meyers said. “We’ve put up signs to try and keep kids away from it, but maybe there is an education piece that we are missing that we need to try to get to kids to warn them about the dangers of it.”

Although underage smoking is a quickly increasing issue, family, faculty and peers can help to solve this issue.