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“Kicking the can down the road”

Posted on Monday, October 21, 2013 at 9:08 am

We all have heard that phrase a lot, especially several days last week following the Senate and late night House of Representatives’ action to get the government re-opened and increase the debit ceiling. Did it have to come to this? With the signature of the President, the government will remain open at least through Jan. 15 and the debt limit was raised until Feb. 7.

Public sentiment show approval ratings of the President has dropped but not as dramatically of those serving in Congress. There has been a lot of talk about ‘not voting for incumbents ever again….but not my representative’ is the sentiment. So where is change?

I have heard another saying through my years I think is appropriate to consider. “Kick them out the door.”

I’m discouraged that our debt is measured in trillions. It is a figure that I have a hard time comprehending. The urge to spend must be curtailed. I know….I have to watch my funds. I don’t have the option of ‘increasing’ my debt ceiling.

I’m trying to read national sentiment in regards to public reaction. Many looked at the Senate race in New Jersey won by Cory Booker. Booker won by double digits but his margin was not as large as predicted when the race began. His opponent, Steve Lonegan, was supported by the Tea Party. All sides are looking hard at the mid-term 2014 elections where the future course of our national leadership and direction.

One report says some federal furloughed employees had applied for unemployment. In the agreement, they will be paid for the two weeks they were forced off the job. Surely they will not receive both.

As for the Affordable Health Act, the GOP may still come out favorably if the glitches in the sign-ups are not rectified and the rhetoric of higher premiums are realized. As for me, any law can be changed and if is not working, then CHANGE or REPEAL it..

America is at a crossroads. As I witnessed the inspired response and unity of all following the terrorist attack Sept 11, 2001 we had an unprecedented response. I felt nothing could hold this country back and demonstrated all the good values this country holds.

Now, the pendulum has swung the other way, making me unsure of this country’s future. I do not want another attack but I wonder what it will take for our leaders to remember that feeling of unity. What will it take to put our country and people’s interest back to being ‘first.’ Both parties, I believe, are at fault and put personal agendas ahead of national interest. My hope is in the short, few weeks we have before these same issues are approached again, we can get a feeling that Washington has our ears and our resolve. There is a movement to persuade the Washington Redskins owner to change that name. The way I have felt for weeks, perhaps it would be better to remove ‘Washington’ from their name instead. Washington leaders, no more of this and get the job done!!

By Bob Simmons