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LCMC launches “SHHH” campaign

Posted on Monday, December 3, 2012 at 9:27 am

Lincoln County Medical Center (LCMC) recently launched the S.H.H.H (Silent Hospitals Help Healing) Campaign, a program used by hospitals nationwide.

Hospitals are naturally noisy places – alarms, machines, phones, carts, and elevators going at all hours. Various studies indicate background noise in hospitals often interferes with recovery, makes hospitals unhealthy, stresses work environment and even contributes to medical errors.

A quiet environment will enhance the patient’s hospital experience and patient safety at LCMC, and help nurses and physicians focus on the task at hand.

“We may not be able to eliminate all noise,” states Pam Duff, Chief Nursing Officer, “but LCMC is committed to decreasing noise levels to enhance the quality of patient care.”

Everyone – personnel, patients and visitors – is being asked to do their part in reducing noise levels:

A. Patients and family members will be informed about the program upon admission.

B. Signs will be posted in the corridors, reminding visitors and staff to keep noise levels down.

C. Staff will wear buttons to raise the awareness of the SHHH campaign.

“We’re confident that LCMC staff is looking out for any extraneous noise and working to make a difference,” Duff said.  “We welcome any ideas that you may have to help us in this endeavor.

About Lincoln County Medical Center:

Lincoln County Medical Center (LCMC), located in Troy, Missouri, has been serving the healthcare needs of greater Lincoln and surrounding counties for nearly 60 years, improving the quality of life in the communities it serves.  A 25-bed Critical Access hospital, LCMC is a full-service facility providing the most advanced healthcare services and diagnostic care to Lincoln County.  The hospital also offers the highest level of care in rehabilitation, 24-hour emergency, intensive and medical-surgical care as well as psychiatric services.  Medical staff members are board certified in their specialties. For more information about the services offered at Lincoln County Medical Center, please call (636) 528-8551 or visit us on the Web at