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Lifestyle change with the addition of a family member

Posted on Monday, June 10, 2013 at 8:33 am

About three weeks ago my husband and I extended our family by four paws. I had been bugging him for MONTHS to get a dog. Finally, we went on a search to a few shelters around the area and decided on one special tan dog to adopt. She was being taken care of by PALS in Hawk Point and seemed to be a happy go lucky pup. At the age of 10 months, she was actually pretty calm, somewhat out of her “puppy stage”. Georgia was her kennel name but since she hadn’t been there for long, she didn’t know to come by the name. We decided to rename her Roxy, which was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Picking the name that you think fits your pet is pretty hard to do…which is why our poor cat’s name ended up being Kitty.

Roxy has been a learning experience for us. I think when you adopt a dog you expect them to be everything you wanted them to be, but instead they have a few tricks to show you.

She is pretty good about not having any accidents inside; we were excited about that. Although, she just looks in the door’s direction and we let her outside in an attempt to avoid any accidents. She was said to be a quiet dog…that is until it’s 3 a.m. and she is bored. We also found out that she really, REALLY likes to dig.

My parents gave us a bunch of firewood for Christmas to use in our fireplace and our fire pit in the summer. We soon began to notice that Roxy liked to scatter the firewood around the yard and place them in the “perfect” place for her to bury them. After finding a brand new bone buried and picking up all the firewood, we soon invested in a storage box for the wood. None of her balls or frisbees have gone missing yet, but there is still plenty of time when we aren’t looking. She also really enjoys putting all of her energy into the laser pointer. She loves to chase it, inside and outside! That’s usually how we tire her out for the night.

In the past three weeks we have discovered she hates bath time, likes to chase Kitty, and likes to go on walks as long as it’s not too hot. She is fun to have around, even if I didn’t expect to have so many personality surprises, that’s the fun part.

She likes to prance when she has a new bone and bounces like a kangaroo when you throw the frisbee. It’s a change in pace, that’s for sure. Roxy also knows exactly where her stash of treats and rawhides are. She can open the sliding pantry door with her nose. It’s like having a toddler…when it’s quiet and you can’t see them…something bad is happening.

It’s been a fun few weeks and I can tell that she is really starting to settle in and find her new home to be a long term thing. So if you are looking to add a pet to your family, I highly suggest adopting from a shelter. With all the flooding, and bad weather, the shelters are overflowing and there are so many great pets that end up sitting in a kennel for months waiting for their forever home.

By Kristen Harris