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Lincoln County Medical Center Announces Partnership Exploration

Posted on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 4:17 pm

To ensure Lincoln County Medical Center’s ability to fulfill its mission of providing quality healthcare close to home, the Board of Trustees has committed itself to investigating strategic options, including potential strategic alliances with like-minded, community-oriented entities. This exploration is part of LCMC’s overall goal to ensure the long-term delivery of quality healthcare to the people of Lincoln County.

The announcement was made today during the “State of the Medical Center” staff address held at LCMC. According to LCMC Chief Executive Officer Patrick Bira, the formal process of investigating the potential option of strategic alignments has been approved by the Trustees. No specific recommendations have been developed at this time. In the meantime, LCMC’s Trustees, management, employees, and medical staff will continue to serve its patients each day with the same dedication and quality they have exhibited for the past 60 years.

“LCMC, like many healthcare providers across the country, is dealing with a new reality that requires a shift to a new business model,” said Bira. “In Missouri, we are seeing consolidations and alignments of healthcare systems and hospitals throughout the state. Changes to the regulatory environment and resources required to address healthcare reform are causing healthcare providers to make transformational change. We are frequently seeing the creation of synergies as part of this change. I think we will continue to see physicians, hospitals, and health systems come together in joint ventures, clinical affiliations, and mergers, with the outcome being better care delivery models for our patients.”

“As we consider LCMC’s role in a rapidly changing healthcare environment,” added Bira, “our focus must never waiver from our mission to the citizens of Lincoln County.” To this end, LCMC’s Trustees have identified the objectives for evaluating potential partners. The strategic partner would:

Provide access to capital for investment in facilities, information technology, and medical staff to deliver community hospital services.

Provide physician recruiting and retention resources to expand local access to physicians.

Increase access to local services through the development of access points within Lincoln County and enhanced service offerings at LCMC.

Provide corporate resources that allow LCMC to access more comprehensive corporate support services while also realizing operational efficiencies through economies of scale.

Provide corporate planning services to enhance LCMC’s strategic planning, master facility planning, preparation for payment reform, and participation in new care models.

Provide protocols and processes that enhance LCMC’s quality and patient satisfaction performance.

Lincoln County Medical Center is a community hospital that has served Lincoln County residents for more than 60 years. LCMC is made up of an experienced team of dedicated physicians and staff who provide healthcare solutions with compassion and respect for the uniqueness of every individual. LCMC is guided by our mission to provide quality healthcare, close to home. For more information, please visit