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Lincoln County R-III budget passed for next school year; Nuckolls welcomed as new Assistant-Principal

Posted on Monday, June 30, 2014 at 8:19 am

The Lincoln County R-III School District held its monthly school board meeting and in this session, the board approved the upcoming school year’s budget. They also approved the underwriting agreement by L.J. Hart for the sale of the recently passed bonds. The board heard status updates from district administrators, principals and operations managers. The board was also introduced to new assistant-principal Dustin Nuckolls and his family and was treated to a technology presentation by Claude Brown Elementary principal Mande Champion and third grade teacher Tara Behymer.NuckollsFamily 3rdGradersTechPresentationRIII

The district director of finance, Kay Richardson, presented a summary of the proposed 2014-2015 budget. It is very similar to last year’s budget. After a quick review by the board, the $63M budget was passed unanimously. The board will be presented the full, approved budget in September.
The L.J. Hart representative presented to the board an underwriting agreement for selling the recently approved bonds for the district. Originally, the bonds themselves were to be approved at this meeting, but it was decided to conduct a workshop meeting on July 1. The proposed breakdown of the $20.5M bonds is as follows: $10M to be allocated in 2014, $8M in 2015, $2.5M in 2016. This will be finalized in the workshop meeting. The underwriting agreement was approved. One provision that the representative pointed out was that L.J. Hart has a fiduciary obligation to both the school district and the investors in the bonds.

The board heard status updates from various administrators, principals and vice-principals and operations managers. The consensus was that summer school activities were proceeding smoothly. The latchkey program was not as well attended as anticipated, hosting only half the proposed students. A different recruitment strategy will be implemented next year. It was also announced that there will be a band at the Ninth Grade Center next school year. It will be comprised of 75 freshmen, who will accompany the high school band. It was anticipated that this will cut down on potential transportation problems during winter months, when freshmen musicians are bussed to the high school for rehearsals. Freshmen will be able to rehearse at the Ninth Grade Center.

The board was introduced to the new Assistant-Principal Dustin Nuckolls and his family, wife Becky, daughters Emma and Macey and son Griffin.
Claude Brown principal Champion and third grade teacher Tara Behymer gave a presentation entitled “Technology at CBE.” The two demonstrated an application called ‘Classroom Dojo’ and described how it is helping improve classroom comportment. Behymer introduced three of her students Nate Wibbenmeyer, Keegan Linebaugh and Jack Fessenden, who discussed how they use technology in the classroom and showed a presentation they created using photography and presentation software.

The meeting adjourned to closed session.