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Local author pens book on Native American warfare, to hold signing

Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 7:00 am

Bethany Dillon

By Bob Simmons

A local author has taken on several passions in her young life, resulting in a fascinating book about life of native Americans prior to the introduction of European influence into America. It looks at warfare among the native Americans, an area not fully explored.
Bethany Dillon is a historical researcher and martial arts enthusiast, and is currently studying history. She is a home school graduate and is currently pursuing a degree in anthropology at St. Charles Community College. Her work has also included a keen interest in Native American history and culture since her move from a desert of Arizona. She spent the early part of her life among the Navajo people and acknowledges her Sioux heritage.
She has juggled development of her interests while working full-time as the head cook at Mercy Hospital Lincoln. This interest in history, martial arts to offset bullying and a look into Native American past has resulted in her first book entitled, “War-Torn.”
She will holding a book signing Monday, July 10, beginning at 8:30 a.m. at the Powell Memorial Library in Troy
“This is my first book published on Native American warfare,”she said. “I want to thank all those people who have helped me and contributed towards the book. Living in the hot sun and dry desert of Arizona, I lived my early years with family and the people of an Indian reservation. My brothers and sisters of the Navajo nation helped raise me, along with my father and mother, and siblings. Since then, I have met some good-hearted people who have inspired me to tackle this project. I write this book as an expression of my gratitude as well as an attempt to rid my generation of stereotypical thinking. The book is written in an effort to abolish the common belief that Native Americans rarely it at all, engaged in warfare before the white influence. Most people believe they had no training in combat, in war strategy, and were unskilled in weaponry, defensive architecture and were inferior to the white soldier in bravery, strength, honor, and skill. It shows their bravery, skills and capable people.:
She is a regular at area coffee shops including The Roasted Bean in downtown Troy. She also has been inspired on quiet walks in the woods with her dog.