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Local fitness personality aiming to inspire others

Posted on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 at 8:22 am

Rogers competing at a men’s physique competition in 2016.
Photo courtesy of Ichiban photography.

By Nila McGinnis


Derrick Rogers spends his days doing something that most people tend to avoid- working out. As a personal trainer, fitness and nutrition coach, budding social entrepreneur, and men’s physique competitor, Rogers’ lifestyle revolves around inspiring others to live their best lives by taking care of their bodies and building confidence.

Citing fitness giants like Steve Cook and Christian Gutzman as inspiration, Rogers says that he first got serious about fitness after college.

“I struggled with low self-esteem growing up, and I wanted to focus on being my best self,” Rogers commented to the Journal. “We only get one body, and I think we have a responsibility to take care of it.”

A self-declared introvert with a big smile, Rogers has a warm countenance, dedicated spirit, and hardworking attitude that all serve to motivate and educate his clients. He puts a huge focus on quality information and education with his clients, hoping to give them the tools they need to reach their goals.

“There is so much misinformation out there in the fitness community,”Rogers remarked. “I want my clients to have the best, most accurate information possible in order to make informed decisions. I strive to operate with integrity, and I want to help fuel dedication and positive change with accurate and personal coaching.”

Although Rogers lives in Troy, he operates out of a gym in Wentzville, where he aims to serve clients from both Lincoln and St. Charles counties. He offers a wide variety of both in-person and online services including one-on-one personal training, weightlifting and conditioning training, personalized workout and nutrition plans, and goal-oriented fitness coaching.

Rogers has earned several personal training certifications from national organizations and constantly strives to increase his own personal knowledge by connecting with fitness personalities and engaging with the larger, global fitness and nutrition communities.

“The hardest part of fitness training is definitely getting started,” Rogers commented. “Your motivation initially is essential, but eventually everyone can get to a point where dedication allows them to keep going and achieve their goals to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Rogers loves interacting with people on and off social media, and enjoys answering questions, giving advice, and inspiring others to live their best lives. His professional services start around $75 for workout and nutrition plans, but he encouraged everyone to connect with him on Instagram @derrickrogers or via email at

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