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Local photographer staying true to her values

Posted on Friday, July 6, 2018 at 12:55 pm

Audrey Lee is pictured above with her husband and two young daughters. As a photographer, she aims to capture memories that will last a lifetime.
Submitted photo.

By Nila McGinnis


Audrey Lee credits her business philosophy to a comment she heard at a wedding vendor fair from a fellow photographer several years ago. While discussing pricing and the ins and outs of wedding photography, the person commented to Lee, who was just getting started with her own wedding photography business at the time, that “wedding photography is a luxury.”

That comment stuck with Lee, who grew up in New Melle and now lives in Winfield with her two daughters and husband. As the owner of Audrey Lee Photography, her favorite part of the job is being able to capture beautiful memories of other’s lives. She says that her hometown roots have encouraged her to keep her prices low to make sure that she can always work with the people she wants to reach.

“I feel like wedding photography should absolutely not be a luxury,” Lee remarked. “When two people come out to celebrate one of the most wonderful days of their lives and are committing themselves to each other, they have a right to have that documented. That is what keeps me grounded in doing what I do- remembering that everyone has these special moments that deserve to be documented.”

After Lee’s mother died several years ago after a battle with an illness, Lee realized that she didn’t have as many photos as she would have liked of herself and her mother.

“We were best friends. After she passed, I realized that photos really are some of the most important mementos you can have to honor a person’s life and your memories with them,” Lee said.

As a self-proclaimed extrovert, Lee says that she loves using her natural gifts and personality to provide a unique service to her clients.

“When a client hires Audrey Lee Photography, they are hiring Audrey Lee,” she commented. “I have made so many friends through wedding photography, and many of the brides I work with feel like old friends, even if we’ve never met before. I want to not just be another vendor to my clients, but really try to offer any support I can during the stressful wedding planning process.”

Lee’s portfolio is absolutely beautiful, and she encourages everyone to check out her work on Facebook or Instagram @audleephotos.

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