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Local player proves to be role model for girl

Posted on Monday, April 21, 2014 at 9:16 am

Just a thought! I want to congratulate the winners of the recent elections and want to ‘thank’ those who ‘put it on the line’ for public service. In today’s world of social media, people who serve the public are often targets of unwarranted and malicious verbal abuse from those who sit back and only relish in criticism. They say you have a ‘target on your back’ but no one notices, I guess, the goodness is sharing time and talents.

Last week we explored the unique relationship between a team (Michigan State), one of its players (Adreian Payne) and a special 8-year-old girl (Lacey Holsworth) who died from cancer just days after the Final Four. Well, thanks to a Troy resident and NCAA softball player, another bond is being cemented down the road in Columbia. Emily Crane is a sophomore member of the University of Missouri women’s softball team. She has been sidelined due to a knee injury since March 28. While at the hospital, Crane, from Troy, has developed a special bond with another softball player, Camryn Schaller. She met Camryn who gave Crane a Ty Beannie baby, a tiger and a card. The message was for her to get well and couldn’t wait to see her return to the field. She appreciated the gifts and told Camyrn that she was going to sit this tiger by her the entire game. A day later, Crane learned ‘Camry’ broke her arm in a softball game, putting her on the shelf the rest of the softball season. Crane responded. She and a number of teammates made a surprise visit to the hospital. It brought a smile to the youngster’s face. The Lady Tigers proved they were real role models for the young Schaller.

We often forget how our actions are looked at by others especially by the young people around us. Our attitudes on life’s challenges are a mirror to young people as they ‘mimic’ actions around and about them. You don’t have to be an athlete to be a role model but in our society, they are among the most visible. Other Mizzou athletes have not been that ‘positive’ role model in recent weeks and have been dismissed from their respective squads. A sexual assault which resulted in the suicide of a young female swimmer at Mizzou also is another ‘black cloud’ hanging over the university as determination of how the college handled it continues to be scrutinized.

Curt Dodd, a minister, who explored this topic in a sermon writes:

“Someone is watching you. That’s right, right now, someone is watching you. It may be a friend who is trying to justify their excesses by watching your freedoms. It may be a child who is watching how you handle your life, handle your heart, handle your mouth, and handle even your wife or your husband, or even them. For they will catch in childlike gloves who we are and pass those same characteristics along to their children. You see, we learn to love by watching. Life is made up of modeling after people. In fact, we all model after someone. Big brothers, regardless of how mean they are, or how wonderful they are, are copied by someone younger, maybe even from another family”.

When looking in a mirror, do you see a person worthy of emulation?

By Bob Simmons