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Looking into the future, deciding what I want it to be

Posted on Monday, January 7, 2013 at 8:31 am

As the end of the year wrapped up I took a minute to think of all that happened last year. It feels like the year flew by. I looked up my editorial last year at this time to check in to see my list of New Years Resolutions. They are usually around the same goals and I don’t normally get them all accomplished. What I did accomplish is finishing off the list of things to get done before my wedding (this was something that I couldn’t just let slip under the cracks, so it was easy to cross off). I also baked some cakes, cookies, and since moving into our own home, my husband and I have been trying new recipes for dinner. So I suppose I did get some more baking done and learned a thing or two in the process. I didn’t write for fun like I wanted, but that’s always on my to-do list and I never really get a chance to complete it. I guess that writing my editorials could be considered writing for fun, but it’s just not the same. As for my workout…well…I did stick with that until my husband and I really got tied up with the buying process for our house. Then things just seemed to “come up” (I know, I could have tried harder).

I would say I did about half of what I intended to do, which I feel good about. Now that we have our own space, I will have plenty of room to Zumba in my basement and try out new recipes in my kitchen.

I’m not going to set aside a goal to write. I feel like if I push it, I just tend to get writers block…maybe it will just happen if it’s supposed to. I use enough “creative juices” throughout the week that sometimes I just can’t bring myself to use my free time at home to write.

I will however begin something new. I hope to be able to start to tell people “no”. I have a problem with trying to please everyone and feeling like I am overloaded because of this. Sometimes I am pulled in so many different directions over the weekend that its like I don’t even get a break, which tends to burn me out for the next week. Not everything can be done in a two day span and I have to come to terms with that.

My next goal is to be able to plan meals better. Grocery stores are frantic enough, and adding someone counting out meals at the end of an aisle can turn into an ugly scene. I think our side dishes should expand and our meal choices should as well. I know my family struggled with the “what’s for dinner” question and I am trying to not start out like that. Will it end up there….most certainly, but I want to skip the hassle for a few years at least.

Hopefully everyone can set a few goals for their personal lives and see what they can accomplish in a year. Sometimes the best things take time…so a reoccurring New Years Resolution might not be so bad.

By Kristen Harris