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Make a home offer they can’t refuse

Buying a home can be very competitive. A well-maintained property with all of the bells and whistles that today’s buyers demand figures to attract many offers, and buyers who have found their dream homes must be prepared to make an offer that sellers can’t refuse.
Standing out in a sea of other potential home buyers is not always so easy, but there are steps buyers can take to ensure their offer is the one sellers ultimately accept.
1.) Get pre-approved for a mortgage
Sellers’ patience may wear thin with buyers who are not pre-approved for a mortgage when making their offers. Pre-approval can speed up the selling process, as buyers won’t need to secure financing afterward.
2.) Don’t delay an inspection.
When a property is drawing significant interest, buyers can set their offers apart from the rest by arranging for a near-immediate inspection.
Some buyers may want sellers to give them a couple of weeks to arrange for an inspection, and that may irritate sellers who want to sell their homes as quickly as possible.
3.) Close as quickly as possible
It is important to close on a home as quickly as possible, especially when mortgage rates are low. The most prepared buyer will be the one who ends up with a home. If you can close on a home within 45 days the chances of you getting a home are increased significantly. The trick to closing quick on a home is to be prepared and that means knowing your paper work requirements and keeping no secrets from your lender.