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David Kessler-State Farm Insurance

Make sure your roof is covered

Spring season is here and rain and hail can cause damage to the roof of your home. David Kessler, agent and owner of State Farm Insurance in Troy, stresses the importance of proper ventilation to protect your roof from damage during the spring season. One of the most critical factors in roof system durability is proper ventilation.
Without it, heat and moisture in an attic area can combine to cause rafters and sheathing to rot, shingles to buckle and insulation to lose effectiveness. It is important never to block off sources of roof ventilation, such as louvers, ridge vents or soffit vents, even in winter. Proper attic ventilation will help prevent structural damage caused by moisture, increase roofing material life, reduce energy consumption and enhance the comfort level of the rooms below the attic.
In addition to the free air flow, insulation plays a key role in proper attic ventilation. An ideal attic has:
– A gap free layer of insulation on the attic floor to protect the house below from heat gain loss.
– A vapor retarder under the insulation and next to the ceiling to stop moisture from raising the attic.
– Enough open spaces to allow air to pass in and out freely.
– A minimum of one inch between the insulation and roof sheathing.
Hail damage and bruising from hail on shingles is covered by insurance but other types of damage like blisters, nail pops and manufacturing defects are not covered by insurance.
Call David Kessler or one of his agents, Kayla Henderson or Adam Simmons, today to discuss homeowners insurance to make sure you are covered in case of bad weather.