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Manners lost in a fast paced world

Posted on Monday, April 8, 2013 at 10:20 am

We need to make sure we do not lose our manners and sense of respect in this increasingly technological world. It is the small gestures throughout the day that require our attention. It is the little, “excuse me,” we say almost subconsciously and sincerely when we bump into someone or the simple act of holding the door for someone that is behind us when entering a building. It is the small moments like this I feel we are losing. So to me, it seems as though it is necessary for us to address these seemingly small parts of our lives so we can see why we are losing them in this fast paced and hectic world we live in today.

With technology quickly taking over our social lives, it appears we have lost much of our one on one personal interaction. Perhaps, this has enabled us to change our tones and disconnect ourselves from our words when communicating through social media. This lack of direct contact may make it so we no longer feel we need to be polite, respectful or kind. Social networks are in place to bring people together, but unfortunately it has an uncanny way of allowing us to feel distant.

Technology, however, is not bad or something we should fear, but something we need to learn to live with. We need to remember and recognize that words sent over the Internet still hold real world value. Our words have real meaning no matter how they are sent and they have the ability to hurt. We need to remember that even in the virtual world it is important to respect others’ feelings.

We need to also remember that it is ok to communicate with people outside of our social networks. We need to remember it is ok to hold the door open for someone as they are walking in or out of a building and to tell the person doing the same for us thank you. We need to say excuse me as we are pushing our shopping carts frustratingly through a crowded aisle at the grocery store.

We live in a time that is seeing a great deal of change when it comes to social interaction. We are entering an era fueled by technology with its ability to update us with statuses and news in real time. We need to accept these technologies and remember to be kind to those around us, because we may just realize that a little change can go a long way.

By Clint Mix