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Mary Jane Lee dedicates 40 years of service at the Bank of Old Monroe

Posted on Monday, December 10, 2012 at 9:13 am

Mary Jane Lee was born and raised in Old Monroe. She is the mother of two and a grandmother of three. She started

Vice President of Bank of Old Monroe Mary Jane Lee, celebrates 40 years at the bank.

working for the Bank of Old Monroe  in 1972. She was 26 and looking for a job when the previous bank president heard that she was looking for a new direction and offered her a position at the bank as a teller.

“Back then, there were only six or seven of us working at the bank and we did everything,” says Lee.

Mary Jane wore many hats while working for the Bank of Old Monroe. She first started out as a teller, then became an assistant cashier and supervisor to the Vice President. She has witnessed many changes in banking through the years.

“It was very interesting when we put our first computers in,” says Lee, speaking on the changes in the company.

Before computers, the six or seven employees had to hand write everything from IRAs, to ledgers to bonds. Old Monroe installed computers in 1988. Lee and two others were in charge of filing everything electronically.

“Mary Jane was instrumental in the installment of our first computer system,” says bank President Darrell Harke.

“It was simple in the 70s and 80s, yet when we installed the computers, none of us were qualified or knowledgeable about the new technology. If there were any type of errors with your statements or anything, everyone blamed the computer room. Today, we just hit enter on our computer and it figures calculations automatically,” says Lee.

Through the years, Mary Jane has grown with the company and has maintained relationships with her customers. It’s said that if she knows you as her customer and friend, she’ll always remember your name.

“Mary Jane is very customer oriented, always having an open door policy,” says Harke. “She has done every task in the bank and is and has been an extremely reliable and dedicated employee over the past 40 years.”