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“Microblading”, popular cosmetic procedure, offered in Troy

Posted on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 7:00 am

Hannah Sullivan providing the procedure for this customer at the Botanika Spa in Troy.
Nila McGinnis photo.

By Nila McGinnis

A new cosmetic procedure taking the beauty industry by storm has made its way to Lincoln County. A technique called “microblading” has become an extremely trendy staple in spas and salons across the country, with hundreds of thousands lining up, and often paying big bucks, to have the procedure done. Hannah Sullivan, an esthetician at Botanika Spa in Troy, is certified to perform the procedure and sat down with the Journal to discuss the purpose, pain, and popularity of microblading.
“Microblading is a technique in which pigment is distributed manually into small incisions in a person’s eyebrows, leaving them with a semi-permanent “filled in” look that can last up to three years with proper care,” Sullivan explains. “With the rising popularity of full, thick eyebrows, many people with sparse, thin, or uneven eyebrows have turned to microblading to achieve the look they desire.” People who do not want to fill in their eyebrows every day or would like their brows to look sculpted without everyday maintenance make up Hannah’s primary clientele for the procedure, she reports.
The microblading procedure lasts about two hours, with the entire appointment lasting up to three. When clients come in for an appointment, they are first asked to fill out paperwork and review aftercare instructions. Much like a tattoo, microblading requires some initial caution and care to ensure lasting results. After the paperwork is complete, Sullivan begins the client consultation in which she discusses brow shapes, sizing, and pigment colors. She uses a makeup pencil to draw on the desired look and reviews every aspect a second time to ensure that the client is happy before the procedure begins.
Using a topical cream, Sullivan numbs the eyebrows and surrounding skin. Using a professional hand tool with micro-needles attached to the end, she begins her initial incisions, measuring shape and direction to resemble the client’s natural brow. She then saturates the area with pigment, allowing the color to fill the incisions between the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin, which she calls the “sweet spot” for microblading.
Sullivan says that while she does use numbing cream, the procedure can be uncomfortable and even mildly painful depending on a client’s pain tolerance. She says, however, that the pain is bearable and that clients usually forget all about an discomfort once they see the results. After the eyebrows have healed for about six weeks, clients are brought back into the spa for a touch-up to ensure that they are happy with the shape and size of the brow and to fill in any missed spots.
Sullivan claims that while she has seen several individuals advertising microblading services out of their homes, she would encourage those interested in microblading to seek out a licensed professional. After going to school full-time for six months to obtain her estheticians license, Sullivan received intensive training on microblading and eyelash extensions, another popular procedure, at a special institute in Atlanta, Ga., where she was certified to perform the procedure in the United States. “Sanitation is extremely important with microblading because you are dealing with blood,” Sullivan commented. “I would tell anyone interested in microblading to ensure that the technician has the proper background and certifications so that the procedure will be safe and effective.”
Hannah believes that with the full brow trend will continue to grow, aiding in the continued popularity of microblading. “We have a lot of people call the spa to inquire about the service, and I think as knowledge increases, the service will grow here in Troy,” she said. Botanika spa usually charges $450 for the service, but is currently running a special on microblading for $199. To inquire about microblading or to schedule a consultation, contact Hannah at Botanika by calling 636-528-1201.

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