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Missouri driver’s licenses get new look for 2013

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 8:45 am

As the New Year gets under way many Missouri drivers, who are renewing or obtaining for the first time, may have noticed changes made to the look and security features of the Missouri Drivers License.

As a means to further protect residents identities, state officials have reconstructed not only the look of the Missouri license but the over all security features it has as well. For example, the new license is now an 16 point system including laser perforations, a ghost image, fine lines through portrait and ghost image, overlapping data onto ghost image, photo, a 2D barcode and several other already existing features. However, those features are minimal compared to the process changes that have been made. No longer are the days of walking into the DMV office, taking a test, a photo and waiting for the license to process. Now drivers will receive a 30-day temporary license on a piece of paper while their physical license is made at an undisclosed location then mailed out within seven to ten days later.

When asked why the changes were needed, Missouri Department of Revenue’s Director of Communications Ted Farnen said, “The changes made were not required but the enhanced security features will help reduce the risk of identity theft and other kinds of fraud throughout Missouri.”

Residents will still be able to go to any DMV they choose and the other than the send off process everything else should remain the same, which includes the fees.

“Applicants will receive a temporary paper license while the hard copy is made and they will also be able to keep their old license, which will be voided,” said Farnen. “Our first priority is always the safety of our residents and anything we can do to further protect them and their identity will stay as such.”

One additional change made to the Drivers and Non-Drivers License ID’s is how over and under 21-year-olds ID’s will look. For those under the age of 21, their ID’s will be a vertical card with a date as of when they will turn of age. All other features will be as mentioned. Over the 21-year-olds will have a horizontal card that will also have any endorsements they hold listed on the back, including conceal and carry (CCW) if the license holder has one.

The new license will be mailed through the USPS in a regular envelope, unmarked, and will not suggest or reveal any of its contents. For those residents who still have the old ID’s, they will not be required to change their licenses until they are already set to expire.

One question asked was what would happen if the USPS fails to or is unable to deliver the new ID? According to Farnen, based off the Missouri Department of Revenues website, “If the U.S. Postal Service cannot deliver your license or card to the address you provided, it will be returned to the Missouri Department of Revenue. The Department will hold the card for 30 days. If you do not contact us within 30 days indicating you did not receive the license or card, it will be destroyed.”

In the event this would happen, Farnen said for residents to contact the department at 573-526-2407 or email them at for further assistance.

In an effort to ensure that the changes listed would not affect anything other than having the IDs sent out for build rather than on spot, Elsberry DMV Owner and operator Kathy Schilling said, “These changes I believe are good for our residents and in no way will this effect my day to day operations. We have to continue looking for more innovative ways to better secure ourselves and I believe the new 16-point system is doing just that. I can still make the temporary ID’s here and the hard copies should be to the holder within seven to ten days, pending holidays.”

For more information about changes in ID’s or any other concerns visit http:// http://

The Missouri Department of Revenue is enhancing the security of driver licenses and non-driver identification cards. These changes help protect identity and decrease fraud.