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More families highlighted for Adopt-a-Family campaign

Posted on Monday, October 29, 2012 at 8:12 am

Lincoln County Adopt-a-Family has continued to interview applicants who are in need of assistance for Christmas. Below is a summary of a few of the families that are available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting one of these families or would like more information, please call (636) 336-2410.

#062: Single mom, no child support. Living with mom. Needs: Baby Gate, Clothing, Boots, Coat, Undergarments. Gift Suggestions: Candles, Books, Monster High Dolls, Monster Trucks, Walker, High Chair.

#064: Single mom, disabled. One child has PDD, other child has ADHD. Needs: Comforters, Cookware, Floor repairs for Kitchen, Clothing, Coats, Boots. Gift Suggestions: Cologne, MP3 Players, RC Truck, Earrings.

#065: Single mom of three. Work hours reduced. Six year old has ADHD. One father provides no support, other father in prison. Needs: Towels, Dishes, Silverware, Clothing, Undergarments, Coats. Gift Suggestions: Photo Albums, MP3 Player, DVD, Walkie Talkies,

#075: Single mom of four. Unemployed, no car. Sporadic child support. Needs: Blankets, Sheets, Crock Pot, Clothing, Coats, undergarments. Gift Suggestions: Hair Straightener, Books, Pet Shop, Bedding, Mickey Mouse.

#080: Couple with two children. Unemployed. Needs: Clothing, Undergarments, Pj’s. Gift Suggestions: Candles, Harley Davidson, Disney Princess, Super Heros

#081: Single mom of 3 children. 2 adult children are disabled. Unemployed. Needs: Pots & Pans, Blankets, Sheets, Clothing, Undergarments, Coats. Gift Suggestions: Board Games, Electric Razor, DVD Player, Hair Dryer, Karaoke Machine, MP3 Player

#082: Young couple with 2 children, No jobs. Needs: Sheets, Blankets, Clothing, Undergarments. Gift Suggestions: Candles, Toy Box, Xbox 360 game, Spiderman

#084: Single mom of 2 kids and Fiance. Mom on disability. No child support. Needs: Sheets, Bed, Towels, Undergarments, Clothing, Coats. Gift Suggestions: Miami Dolphins, Work Boots, DS Game, Baby Dolls

#086: Mom is working, dad is looking for a job. Raising 4 teenagers. Needs: Dishes, Towels, Bunkbeds, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Anything Irish, Fishing Supplies, Tools, Xbox Game, Painting Easel, Tackle Box, Tools

#089: Mom’s hours cut at work. Trying to find additional work. Needs: Towels, Sheets, Pots & Pans, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Earrings, Art Supplies, Make-up

#090: Mom unable to work, on medical leave from eye surgery. No child support. Needs: Pots & Pans, Dishes, Washer & Dryer, Sheets, Towels, Clothing, Coats. Gift Suggestions: DVD Player, Ps2 Game, MP3 Player, Bike

#091: Single mom of 2, unemployed. Needs: Sheets, Blankets, Towels, Pots & Pans, Dryer, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Perfume, DS Game, Action Figures, Tinkerbell, Baby Dolls

#092: Single mom of 5 children. Just started a new job. 1 child has heart condition, another child has ADHD. Needs: Blankets, Sheets, Microwave Oven, Clothing, Coats, Undergarments. Gift Suggestions: Photo Albums, Make-up Case, Art Easel & Supplies, MP3 Player, Doll, DVD, Basketball

#093: Couple with 2 kids, Mom just now able to return to work after having a baby, unemployed. Father is disabled. No transportation. Needs: Cooking Utensils, Pots & Pans, Clothing, Coats, Undergarments. Gift Suggestions: Phone Card, External Hard Drive, Power Rangers, infant toys

#094: Dad is disabled, Mom looking for a job. Needs: Towels, Clothing, undergarments. Gift Suggestions: Books, Phone Card, Toy Phone, Bath Toys

Also, we have several families who are in need of furniture such as beds, futons, couches, and appliances. If you have any of these items that you would like to donate, please call the adoption number listed above.