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Moscow Mills board continues analysis of future ballot issues

Posted on Monday, November 18, 2013 at 9:31 am

Discussion of possible special issues for the April 2014 ballot for voters in the City of Moscow Mills was put on hold for a special meeting later this year. The need for additional information from professional sources was cited.

At their Nov. 12 meeting, the board continued to look and research whether to place a use tax and a revenue bond issue for sewers before the voters.

Larry Tucker, the director of Economic Development for Lincoln County, met with the board. He told them of desire to work with them in the area of attracting business and industry to the city.

The board approved an ordinance accepting the streets, water mains, sewer mains and lift stations in Briarwood subdivision.

Chief Terry Foster reported the department has received two handheld radios and shoulder microphones and are operable at this time.

At their October 15 meeting, the board heard updates regarding funding and AOC schedule with EPA. Jim Dunajcik from George Butler Associates stated that they are resolving the problem with the automated skimmers at Crooked Creek Wastewater plant. Regarding the AOC timeline smoke or dye water testing will be done over the winter which is better if you can find a dry time. Data loggers on the force main meter flow will save money. Jim states EPA reporting

Concerning the Millsite Park regarding Department of Conservation agreement, Bill Benhardt stated the Department of Conservation (DOC) is moving forward and the tentative agreement will move faster if Lincoln County Coalition gets the cost estimates and provides them to the Department of Conservation. Therefore they have been soliciting and receiving bids from the community. The percentage funded by the DOC is 75 percent and Lincoln County Coalition has agreed to cover the remaining 25 percent. The agreement for the 75/25 cost share needs to be between the City and DOC, not the Coalition and DOC. The total cost will be somewhere between $13,500 and $13,800. Lincoln County Coalition has the 25 percent in the bank and will either do the construction as their 25 percent contribution, or fund the work. The state’s 75 percent will be purchasing materials and labor. Mary Lou Jung makes a motion for Cindy Davenport to draw up an agreement for Lincoln County Coalition to pay the 25 percent of the total cost and the DOC will pay 75 percent and allow the Mayor to sign the agreement. All are in favor.

To conform with new state statue, the board approved an ordinance dropping the age requirement to run for alderman to age 18.

City Attorney Cindy Davenport stated that there was a court case and cities had lost the ability to collect sales tax on vehicles purchased out of state. That has been reversed for now, but under that new ruling within two years, or possibly the April 2014 election, we need to put this on the ballot for the voters to pass to collect local use tax. The use tax may be referred to or described as the equivalent of a sales tax on purchases made from out-of-state sellers by in-state buyers and on certain intrabusiness transactions.

At their Oct. 21 special meeting, Alderman Mark Schuette stated that he would like to discuss the firearms training needed by the police department. The county will not let the city’s officers participate in their certification anymore. Chief Foster stated that the County stated that they have a new person doing the certifications. All of the city’s officers need to be recertified by Jan. 1.

The changes the City Clerk has presented for the 2013 third quarter budget review are discussed.

The board held discussions on a new city hall. Mayor Teschendorf suggests selling the Community Building property and see what money the City would have to work with to build a new City Hall. Mary Lou Jung states that a lease purchase could be used to build a City Hall at the existing City Hall property.

Donny Hopkins states that he wanted the Board to see that desludging at the CCWWTF needs to be planned.