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New Missouri company offering food for adventurers

Posted on Friday, July 20, 2018 at 1:50 pm

By Nila McGinnis


For serious hikers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts, the question of what to eat while on an excursion is an important one. Far from the convenience of a home-cooked meal or restaurant, many people find themselves hungry and craving more than a protein bar or junky pre-packaged snacks. Peaky Eaters, a new Missouri-based company, aims to change the game for outdoor lovers.

Founded in 2017 by two women- Arin and Lydia- who love to spend time outdoors but also didn’t want to compromise on their health and nutrition goals, Peaky Eaters provides a diverse array of nutritious freeze dried meals ready to go wherever an adventure takes you.

“We are both active people that love being outdoors,” said the duo. “We would often go out hiking, biking, camping or kayaking with our families and we found that we were frequently in the middle of nowhere, hungry… We tried packing snacks but they just aren’t satisfying (or nutritious). Packing “real” food wasn’t much better because of the extra bulk and weight associated with it. We discovered freeze dried food but were quickly disappointed with the quality of what was on the market and the lack of options for people with food allergies. We decided that since we were in this situation so often that it would make sense to prepare actual meals -healthy, nutritious home cooked meals- and invest in the equipment to freeze dry them ourselves.”

While the pair had never attempted to make freeze dried food before embarking on their business venture, the pair was excited to learn.

“It was definitely an adventure learning how to freeze dry food,” commented both Arin and Lydia. “We didn’t know the first thing about Freeze Drying. But essentially the process for each new item we are bringing to our shop is the same. We start by preparing great tasting foods, and we run tests to determine the best process for Freeze Drying and reconstituting them. So we’ve done a lot of eating, both pre and post Freeze Drying and who wouldn’t love that!”

While Peaky Eaters is certainly not the only company in the market of freeze dried foods aimed at outdoor enthusiasts or emergency “preppers”, they do believe that they offer a unique and important niche in the saturated world of natural products.

“We only use ingredients like fresh fruits and veggies and all-natural meats. Our meals are free of unhealthy additives like high fructose corn syrups, antibiotics, hormones, and added preservatives (just to name a few) that you’ll find in the usual convenience food options.”

Because the women both know people who suffer from allergies or health issues associated with specific ingredients, they have also developed a set of products to cater to those with diverse nutritional needs.

“Our meals are light weight, shelf stable and proudly made in the USA,” they continued. “Peaky Eaters meals are processed and packaged in a specialized way so they are good for many years, in most cases a decade or more, and retain an average of 97% of their nutrients. And the best part, all you need is water and they are ready to eat!”

The women just launched their first product, the “Denver Scramble,” an egg-based meal, and plan to launch many more of their foods on their website  soon. To learn more about Peaky Eaters, visit