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No tax increase bond issue for the R-IV School District

Posted on Monday, March 25, 2013 at 8:59 am

The Winfield School District will be opening polls on April 2 for an $8,000,000 no tax increase bond. This bond, if passed, will be used for enhancing the schools. Here is a list of things that are planned if the bond issue passes.

1. Renovation of the Intermediate School including up-grades to floors, doors, windows, plumbing and electric.

2. Classroom additions at the Intermediate school and new hallway and restrooms.

3. New bus maintenance facility at the high school.

4. The site development, construction, and equipping of athletic facilities at the high school featuring competitive and practice athletic fields, track, and concessions.

5. To the extent that funds are available, the completion of other safety, remodeling and repair improvements.

6. Fix concrete and bleacher issues at district facilities

7. Upgraded technology with new computer labs and laptops throughout the district.

8. Completed new bus and parking area at Primary Building. Resurfaced the front lot at the High School and new Concrete surface in the lot behind the High School.

9. Remodeled district kitchens and purchased new equipment.

10. Constructed district field house.


This would not be the first no tax increase bond issue that has been passed at the R-IV School District, the last recent bond that passed was in 2009 when the district asked for $5,000,000 in a no tax increase bond issue. By being fiscally conservative the district completed more projects than originally planned for. Here are some of the projects that were completed with the 2009 bond issue.

1. The district paid off $2.5 million in lease purchases. At the time the operating fund balance was 5.1 percent. Fiscal responsibility has led to an operating fund balance of 24.6 percent.

2. Repaired HVAC systems in all buildings and went to energy efficient control systems in all buildings. Replaced HVAC units in MS with energy efficient units and added HVAC system to the Middle School gym.

3. Upgraded lighting in buildings to energy efficient lighting in classrooms, hallways, libraries and gymnasiums.

4. Added security cameras and electronic locks to main entrances and added more security cameras in the district.

5. Added security fence around district buses, at the High School, and around football and softball areas.

For further questions on the 2013 bond issue please call Superintendent Jim Chandler at (636) 668-8188.

Pictured above is the possible new sports complex at the Winfield High School if the bond issue passes.