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NorthRoad Community Church to open their doors September 8

Posted on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 8:28 am

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After months of hard work dedicated to the renovation and repurposing of their new building and the building of their congregation, NorthRoad Community Church is ready to open their doors for regular Sunday morning services. The worship area has already been expanded to accommodate NorthRoad’s growing congregation, which was 180 members strong at the last preview service held August 18. The first of their regularly scheduled Sunday morning services is going to take place Sunday September 8, at 10:30 a.m. and will last for an hour.

NorthRoad Community Church is dedicated to serving young families in the community through their themes, Worship, Connect, and Serve. The church wants to establish a positive environment for these young families to grow in their faith as their family grows. NorthRoad has developed innovative ways to reach both youth and adult members of their congregation alike through youth ministries, adult ministries, child ministries, and sport ministries.

Youth ministry, Refuge, will be meeting on Sunday evening as well as participating in small groups throughout the week when possible.

Adult ministries are currently meeting in small groups, known as Spots, which meet in members’ homes and allow members to connect to one another as they connect with God. These groups allow for a more intimate connection to form between members and their faith; while providing a fun and friendly atmosphere. They will also be hosting a poker night, ladies night, and trivia night.

Child ministries will be kicking off on September 8 with a bounce house, cotton candy and popcorn in the parking lot the morning before the service. Children will then be able to attend their own service, which will be superhero themed, while parents attend the regular service.

Sports ministries will kick off with flag football beginning October 15. For those wishing to participate, you can sign up by visiting NorthRoad’s website or pick up a sign-up form at the church on Sunday. NorthRoad Community Church is also looking to expand their sports ministries through soccer, volleyball and kickball.

NorthRoad Community Church is striving to become a living example of what it is to serve the lord through Worship on Sunday mornings, by Connecting through small groups and sports ministries, and by Serving not only the lord, but the community as well. While they are aimed at serving families their doors are open to everyone who wants to grow in their faith and their relationship with God.