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Nutrition and functional health expert joins Winchester Spine & Sport

Posted on Monday, April 8, 2013 at 10:53 am

Dr. Rebecca Furlano believes when it comes to patient care, the doctor’s responsibility is not just to heal, but to teach and inspire positive health changes. Her nutrition and functional health care practice at Winchester Spine & Sport in Moscow Mills explores patients’ potential disease triggers that can manifest into health conditions, such as chronic pain, hormone imbalances and autoimmune issues.

An early adopter of the functional medicine movement—which is largely based on effective communication between the doctor and patient and treatment of the patient’s body as a whole, from the inside out—Dr. Furlano helps patients figure out the root cause of their conditions so they may enjoy restored health and prevent future chronic, and costly, diseases. For example, a recent Institute of Medicine Report attributes at least $560 billion annually to the cost of treating chronic pain, or nearly $2,000 for every person living in the United States.

A native of Wisconsin, Dr. Furlano has worked in the health care field since 2006, with a unique background that includes manual therapy, nutrition and chiropractic, which allows her to treat patients with holistic yet evidence-based health care.

“People are ready for something different, something with substance, something other than just feeling average in their bodies, minds and lives,” Dr. Furlano states. “The external world of the body greatly reflects the internal world of the body; my goal is to hold up the mirror for patients to see that connection, and help them make choices about how to change it.”

According to Dr. Brett Winchester, nutrition is crucial for patients to achieve optimal health. “We specialize in treating the whole body and nutrition shouldn’t be considered a separate entity,” he said. “Dr. Furlano offers our patients specialized skills and, most importantly, the information and guidance they need to reach their health goals. We are lucky to have her.”

To learn more about Dr. Furlano or Winchester Spine & Sport visit or call the clinic at 636-356-5557.