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Matt Spahn-Sydenstricker John Deere

Oil and Filter Sale at Sydenstricker

The month of August is our Oil and Filter sale at all our Sydenstricker locations.
John Deere Oil is 10% off list price and John Deere filters are 12% off list price. This is an excellent time to take advantage of the savings and get a jump start on the harvest season. It is also a good time to inspect your combine while the oil is draining. Please take the extra time to inspect all the belts and chains for wear.
Replace all belts and chains as needed to hopefully reduce any down time this busy fall season. Don’t forget about your corn head and grain platform as well. If you don’t have time, please contact our Service department at Sydenstricker and we will come out an inspect your combine and heads to help keep your machines up and running. Call Kelly Mitchell to schedule your appointment while there is still time available.