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Lisa Blossom Payne- McCoy Blossom Funeral Homes and Crematory


. Relieves stress, anxiety, and confusion because surviving family members don’t need to make funeral arrangement decisions at a highly emotional time.
. Frees family from risk, bickering, uncertainty, unnecessary worry and additional grief.
. Allows you to record your own unique wishes so your family will not have to guess what you would have wanted. You can design your own special services.
. Helps you make informed, thoughtful decisions instead of quick, hasty ones.
. Allows you to make these important decisions together not alone.
. Eliminates financial strain on family members by giving you the opportunity to prepay your funeral expenses. Saves you hundreds of dollars of funeral expenses.
. Safeguards your savings and life insurance assists for your family.
. Allows you to make prepaid funds Medicaid/SSI exempt. Prepaying your funeral expenses protects your assets from confiscation due to long –term care expenses.
. Protects you against inflation by transferring the risk of inflation of funeral costs to the funeral home.
. Permits you to fully transfer your funeral pre-arrangment plan to any funeral home in the United States or Canada if you relocate.
Please contact us at 1-636-528-8244 to set up an appointment or answer any questions.

Sarah Blossom-Horn, Licensed Funeral Director