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Planning for a future of sunshine and yard work

Posted on Monday, April 1, 2013 at 8:31 am

Spring is here! That’s what the calendar says anyway. We haven’t seen much of spring life so far as we recently got dumped on by winter’s last snowfall (hopefully last snowfall). When I was younger I can remember my mother telling me “It will start to get warm after Easter.” So I always wait until after Easter to see if the weather is going to change like my mom predicted (of course it will). As I got older I would bug my mom almost every night before bed asking, “What is it supposed to be like tomorrow?” In Missouri, you really never knew until you woke up that day. Rain would wash in on a forecasted sunny day and a cold front could ruin any tanning session outside. For the sake of spring, my flowers, and the many who get summers off work, I hope it starts to warm up soon. After all, the pools will be opening soon!

After a conversation with some co-workers I understand that I’m not the only one feeling “blah” lately. Lack of energy and not eating the best foods can certainly bring on the lethargic feelings like we are having…then you mix in the extended winter and it all seems to go down hill like a snowball effect. How am I going to fix this you might be wondering…I’m going to review my New Years resolutions, that’s how. Excuses after excuses have brought me to gain some unwanted weight and keep me from working out. I will begin my year over…I need a redo. So I have promised myself that I will be getting back into shape because I am the only one that can make me happy if I don’t feel good about myself.

I think I go through this phase every winter. As winter nears its end I get really impatient with the chilly days and just hope for sunshine and BBQ dinners that remind me of my childhood. So mix in no motivation and the winter blues together and summer couldn’t come soon enough. I’m ready to do yard work on my house and maybe even take on some Pinterest projects that I can complete outside. I just feel like I’m so much more productive when it’s warm out, and maybe that’s due to the fact I’m tired of cleaning the same surfaces every weekend inside instead of spending time outside. So here is to hoping that we have seen the last of winter and spring starts to show through those gray clouds.

By Kristen Harris