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Possible need for sandbaggers in the county, officials eyeing river levels

Posted on Monday, July 7, 2014 at 2:45 pm

A meeting between the Lincoln County Emergency Management, directors of levee districts in the Mississippi River bottoms and officials of communities on the eastern side of the county met in Winfield Monday. Their discussions centered around the rising waters of the Mississippi.

Jerry Daughterty, Lincoln County Emergency Management director, went to Alton, Ill. following the meeting to acquire 100,000 sandbags.  He said the estimated crest keeps changing but officials said the river should crest at 35.1 feet on July 10.  He said levee directors said they have had dirt and plastic placed on tops of levee for more support.

He said sandbaggers may be needed in the communities and in the bottoms Tuesday and Wednesday. However, a site where they need to report has not been determined as yet. He asked county residents to go to the emergency management’s Facebook page to keep updated on the need.