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Prepare your home for buyers

Selling a home can be exciting.
Homeowners who made considerable financial commitments when buying their homes may be anxious when the time comes to get returns on their investments, but selling a hope need not be so nerve-racking.
. Address curb appeal. Curb appeal goes a long way toward creating a lasting first impression, so homeowners can start by driving up to their homes and looking at them through the eyes of prospective buyers. Address the landscape if it needs some TLC, and power wash siding if it’s appearing a little dirty.
. Clear out the clutter. Some sellers stage their homes when putting them up for sale. But staging might not be an option for sellers who are still living in their homes and intend to do so until they find buyers. If you can’t stage your home, then do your best to remove clutter, including extra pieces of furniture you might have accumulated over the years that can make rooms seem smaller.
. Let the light shine in. Dark homes are less appealing to prospective buyers, many of whom have no interest in living in caves that are void of natural sunlight. When showing your home, make sure all of the curtains are drawn and the blinds or shades are up. Bright homes tend to feel more spacious, so fix any light fixtures that need fixing and even add small lamps in rooms that could use some extra light.
. Tackle that to-do list. It’s easy for a home’s residents to grow accustomed to certain minor problems, such as a doorknob that always sticks or a creaky kitchen cabinet door. But buyers might be turned off by too many of these minor problems and wonder if any larger and more expensive issues also went ignored.
Before showing your home, address all those minor repairs on your to-do list.