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Project in Moscow Mills proceeds for bid after vote

Posted on Monday, February 18, 2013 at 9:01 am

A project which has been discussed for several months is one step closer based on action by the Moscow Mills Board of Aldermen last week.

The project is the construction of a new sidewalk in the business district by Harry J’s Steakhouse.  The board reviewed a survey map during the discussion. The aldermen voted 3-1 to waive a paragraph in the current ordinance which requires the city to have their engineer design the work. Alderman Matt Meyer voted against it, saying it just ‘didn’t feel right.’  Bids for the walk can now be sought for the work.  Mayor Andy Teschendorf and Donny Hopkins, maintenance supervisor, met with David Howell, restaurant owner last month.

Alderman Mary Lou Jung asked for two items to be pulled from the consent agenda including a police request for radar units.  Chief Terry Foster said one request was for an extension of the warranty on the unit purchased last year. The board approved the request for one additional year.

The board approved a business license request from J.J.’s Customs LLC for 40 Freise Industrial Court. The request had first gone to the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission  due to a lack of a quorum there, the issue advanced for aldermanic review.

Chief Foster had been in discussion with Lincoln County R-III School officials regarding to ways to improve school safety at the Ninth Grade Center and William Cappel Elementary. This would be a cost sharing project between the city and the school.  Mark Penny, R-III superintendent; Charley Branham, assistant superintendent and April Bryant, R-III community relations, were present at the board meeting, adding further information.  Mayor Teschendorf asked if it would be more feasible to work with the county sheriff’s department. Penny responded, “we currently are working with both the county and the City of Troy about additional safety measures.” He added there are 11 buildings in the R-III district with three officers serving a school population of over 6,000.

Funding was a shared concern by both entities and Penny told the Moscow Mills board of his attendance at a school safety panel held in St. Louis where funding concerns could better be voiced at the state and federal levels. Foster offered some of the benefits to the city if another school resource officer could be approved. They could be used on weekends  and  for the city during summer months when school is not in session. Discussions will continue, exploring how student safety can be enhanced.

The city will respond to a request from SMS development if the city was maintaining an eight-inch sewer line. The city has not accepted the lines due to concerns that the line goes under the mobile homes at Tropicana Village and have never accepted them. “As far as I know, the city never agreed to accept them,” said Hopkins. “Due to the closeness of the homes, it would be very difficult to get a backhoe between them.”