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Christine Griffen-Advance Physical Therapy

Protecting Your Back While Gardening

Spring has finally sprung in Lincoln County! For many of us the warmer weather means an increase in physical activity in our yards and gardens. Advance Physical Therapy would like to provide you with a few tips for preventing an injury to your back this season.
Tip #1: Avoid repetitive motions by frequently switching between activities. Taking regular breaks can also prevent back pain and soreness.
Tip #2: Avoid bending forward and twisting the spine at the same time. If you are doing activities that require you to reach toward the ground, try to bend at the knees, sit on a stool or chair, or kneel.
Tip #3: Lift with your legs. When lifting an object you should bend at the hips and knees, keeping the back straight, and hold the object close to your body.
If you would like more information or have questions about protecting your back, we offer free consultation. Give us a call at 636-528-7333 to set up an appointment.