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R-I board discusses statewide recall of math, English test scores

Posted on Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 7:00 am

By Austin Groshong

After education officials called into question the results of two standardized tests, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has announced the scores for those two tests will not be counted.
Principal Rod Hamlett announced at the Silex R-1 board of education meeting that the EOC scores for the Algebra 1 and English 2 tests year would not be counted. Hamlett said that the announcement came after schools received their scores back from testing vendor, Questar, which supplies the end of course exams.
“When the schools started getting their scores back they noticed that they were increasingly lower in those two areas then they had been in the previous three years,” said Hamlett. “They reported it to DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education), DESE got the scores in July and said that ‘yes this test was a lot harder across the state than it had been over the previous three years.”
Hamlett said the basis of DECE’s decision was based on calculating Annual Progress Reporter (APR.)
“APR is calculated over a three year average,” said Hamlett. “So they, (DESE) didn’t want that score to affect everyone not only this year, but for the next two years.”
Hamlett says that even though it is still too early to tell, he expects that Silex will not be effected negatively.
“I’m not sure just how it is going to affect us, I tried to try and crunch the numbers and I don’t think it will effect us too much,” he said. “When you compare the scores to last year there really wasn’t that much of a change.”
Hamlett continued that Silex’s high school biology and government scores would help balance the district’s score.
DESE’s decision to pull the test scores will affect all public schools in the state of Missouri.

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