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Recorder warns to be wary of mail offers of copies of deeds

Posted on Monday, August 19, 2013 at 8:17 am

Lincoln County Recorder of Deeds, Dottie D. Crenshaw, urges county residents to be wary of mail offers to purchase copies of legal documents. Several Lincoln County property owners have shared the mailing from the same company soliciting the sale of copies of their deeds.

Property owners in the area have received a letter offering an official copy of their deed and complete property profile for a processing fee of $83.00. The mailing lists the name of the owner of the property, the address and other public information.

Recorder Crenshaw said most property owners obtained their original property deed when their property was purchased. This deed may have been given to the land owner by the title company/attorney handling their transaction.

Lance Jeans, owner of Meyer Title Company, informs his clients at the time of their real estate closing of the potential for receiving notices. Mr. Jeans hopes his efforts will deter his clients from being a victim of this inflated charge.

In addition, this company’s offer costs significantly more than obtaining “certified” property deeds directly from the Lincoln County Recorder’s Office. Fees are $.50 per page, plus $1.00 for the certification. Most property deeds are one or two pages.

“I am concerned about companies trying to take advantage of our citizens, particularly our seniors,” said Recorder Crenshaw. “I urge those receiving this letter to ignore it!”

To obtain a copy of your property deed, drop by the Lincoln County Recorder of Deeds’ Office at the Lincoln County Courthouse located at 201 Main Street, or call the office at (636)528-0325. The Recorder of Deeds’ records are available on the website, then click on “Recorder”.