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Remember to give “Thanks” throughout the year

Posted on Monday, December 2, 2013 at 9:41 am

Thanksgiving serves as a time for us to reflect on what we are thankful for. Many people join together with family and friends and share in a meal on Thanksgiving Day followed by football and the companionship provided by good company. Social media has extended the tradition of giving thanks from just Thanksgiving Day to the whole month with Days of Thanks where people post something or things they are thankful for everyday in November up to Thanksgiving Day. Many of you have probably seen a status update or a tweet that reads something like; Day 7: I am thankful for my health or Day 12: I am thankful for my family.

Often times these messages are overlooked as we skim through the abundance of updates that bombard our homepages, inboxes and news feeds. These small reminders of thanks may be more important than we realize however as they serve to remind us of how blessed we really are. It is far too easy to be tricked by the latest and greatest technologies, fashions, and automobiles into believing we don’t have anything of value.

The contrary is quite true. We live in one of the greatest countries on earth with a thriving health care system, public education system and a free trade market place. We have made great strides on the civil liberties front and while we still have a long ways to go most of us are free to finally pursue our right to life, liberty and happiness.

Just because Thanksgiving Day has come and passed doesn’t mean we need to stop giving thanks. Waking up every morning is reason enough to give thanks. Perhaps if we try our best to give thanks throughout the year we will be able to truly understand how great our lives are.

By Clint Mix