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Renew those gym memberships, Hostess is back

Posted on Monday, July 22, 2013 at 9:09 am

About seven months ago Hostess products were emptied from shelves and snack cake lovers were left to fill the empty void in their hearts with “off brand” versions of their favorite desserts. Now, Twinkies have hit the shelves once again after a long awaited reunion. I’m not the biggest fan of Twinkies, but I know there are a lot of people who are.

After reading an article about “The Sweetest Comeback in the History of EVER” (Hostess), the author, David Winograd from Huffington Post gave 11 reasons why you should be excited for the return of the Twinkies! (He jokes that it’s really THAT exciting).

“1. You won’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get your Twinkie-fix anymore. Many people bought out the stores when they heard of Hostess closing their doors. Those who were able to collect the Hostess items sold them on bidding websites, such as Ebay and charged much more than they were worth.

2. You now have an excuse to deep-fry a Twinkie. Don’t get those strange stares anymore when you respond “no, I haven’t tried a deep fried Twinkie”.

3. Twinkies will be made with a new recipe. If you didn’t like them before, maybe you will now!

4. New Twinkies will last 26 days longer than the Twinkies you came to know and love, which means fewer expired Twinkies.

5. You now have a chance to break the Guinness record of Twinkies consumed in one minute. (The record currently stands at 14.)

6. You can look forward to more heart-warming ads to advertise their “new” product.

7. You can impress your friends with homemade delicacies from Hostess’s “Twinkie Cookbook.”

8. On that note, why not try your hand at Twinkies Cupcakes. (Easily made into cartoon characters)

9. You can attempt to lose weight on the “Twinkie Diet.” (This is not real medical advice.)

10. We can believe in the economic principle of “twinkie-ization” again. (No seriously, it’s a real term.)

11. You no longer have to ask yourself, “WHERE’S THE TWINKIES?” As quoted in the movie, Zombieland.”

On a serious note, remember that these tasty treats do come with a price. The website Calorie Count gives Twinkies an “F” grade for its 135 calories and about 18 grams of sugar — per cake. A pack of two has more calories and sugar than a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar. Since the shelf life has been expanded, you can now treat yourself to a Twinkie or Hostess product of choice, but do it in moderations. We all want to feel our best after we indulge, so don’t weigh yourself down with too many snack cakes. I will have to remember my own advise when the return of the Ding Dongs and Donettes happens. Back to the gym I go!

By Kristen Harris