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Resource board, Hoskins honored by St. Louis Crisis Nursery

Posted on Monday, November 25, 2013 at 8:21 am

Pictured left to right: DiAnne Mueller, Saint Louis Crisis Nursery’s Chief Executive Officer, and  Becky Hoskins.

Pictured left to right: DiAnne Mueller, Saint Louis Crisis Nursery’s Chief Executive Officer, and Becky Hoskins.

At its “Over the Top for Tots” fall fundraiser, the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery honored the Lincoln County Resource Board (LCRB) with its Guardian Angel Award. The award honors the LCRB for its partnership with the Crisis Nursery-Wentzville, which funds crisis care for Lincoln County children and their families. The Crisis Nursery also honored LCRB Executive Director Becky Hoskins with a Lifetime Achievement award for her role in fostering the Crisis Nursery-LCRB collaboration since 2008.

The Crisis Nursery-Wentzville provides Lincoln County children (ages 0-12) respite care 24 hours a day/seven days a week to keep babies and children safe, secure and loved during times of family crisis. The Crisis Nursery’s mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect by providing short-term care for children; working with families to resolve the crisis; and offering resources for ongoing support, education and empowerment.

This year alone, the Crisis Nursery-Wentzville has served more than 30 children from 18 Lincoln County families. Care is given to alleviate crisis situations stemming from overwhelming parental stress, a health event and/or lack of housing or basic needs. Most Crisis Nursery families live in poverty and have a history of domestic violence and/or homelessness.

“We are grateful to provide Lincoln County families with access to the Crisis Nursery-Wentzville’s services,” said Becky Hoskins. “Currently, there are no crisis nursery facilities in Lincoln County and we can’t say enough about the level of care and compassion the Crisis Nursery affords. When you walk through the doors, you’ll see staff holding babies and playing on the floor with the children and infants. In the summer, they have a garden and swing-set for the children. The quality of the space is only matched by the level of compassion of those who work and volunteer there.”

This fall, the Lincoln County Resource Board voted to continue its funding of the Crisis Nursery-Wentzville based on the community’s need, quality of services and impeccable audits of the program and its reported family successes. During the “Over the Top for Tots” event—which raised $80,000 to support all three 24-hour nursery locations—the LCRB and its guests heard stories from caregivers and a young woman who used the Crisis Nursery’s services to escape domestic violence. Now, this mother has a rewarding career, her own charity and cares for her children independently.

“We know this service prevents child abuse and neglect, and we’ve reported positive trends since our collaboration began five years ago, including a reduction in alternative care placement,” added Hoskins. “It makes you feel good knowing our Lincoln County children have such a loving and vibrant place to call home—whether it’s for a few hours or a few days—until a family crisis is resolved.”

Families in need can call the Crisis Nursery’s 24-hour helpline at 314-768-3201 or visit for more information.