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Retired school personnel presents teacher grants

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 9:40 am

Nancy Lenk, left, with recipient Dr. Amy Spears (Troy Middle School) Submitted photos.

Carolyn Black, left, with recipient Carolyn Harmann (Elsberry High School).

The Lincoln County Area Retired School Personal (LACARSP) offers grants to classroom teachers for needed classroom items. The $200 grants are offered to each of the four public school districts in Lincoln County.
Three grants were awarded for the 2017/18 school year. They include:

Chelsea Young is a first year chemistry/physical science teacher in Winfield High School. Her goal this year is to “get the science labs up and running again.”
The addition of these to labs to classroom work will allow students to receive dual credit with Missouri Baptist University. She plans to purchase personal safety equipment and lab supplies with her grant.

Carolyn Harman teaches upper-class AP literature and language arts at Elsberry High. Her priority this year is to implement common writing this year.
The program encourages students to be motivated, challenged, and to approach decision making for real life problems. This is the initial year to implement common writing and has resulted in a 100 percent pass rate first semester. Harman will use her grant to purchase anchor charts and resources for programs to increase student success before and after graduation.

Dr. Amy Spears is a first-year teacher for “Project Lead the Way Engineering” at Troy Middle School. She has requested funds to purchase 3-D puzzles for each seventh grader to complete. Using instructions to create a 3-D puzzle helps develop cognitive skills, problem-solving, fine motor-skills, hand eye coordination, and pride in achieving a goal.
At the beginning of projects, she’s heard “I can’t do this!” But upon completion she began to hear “Do you see what I built?”

Mary Tarpin, left, with recipient Chelsea Young (Winfield High School).

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