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Rimel resigns as Elsberry collector, Heitman-Reed named as successor

Posted on Monday, October 1, 2012 at 9:05 am

“I’m to kind hearted for this type of work.”

These are the words of Elsberry City Collector Gilbert Rimel, who on Friday, Sept. 14 shocked the city when he announced his resignation.

“This job is just more than I was anticipating,” said Rimel. “I’m too old for the amount of stress it is taking and too soft hearted to be in a position that seems to offend so many citizens right now.”

Rimel, who said he doesn’t agree with some of the ordinances in place concerning water, including but not limited to the next 1,000 gallon round up, said he plans on continuing to fight for and support those against the “unfairness.”

“I just don’t think people should have to pay for something they’re not using,” Rimel said. “Now they’re planning on adding another nine dollars or so to the bill upon the completion of the water project and another three percent increase at the first of the year. To be honest I don’t want to be any where near that when it happens.”

Rimel said he does admit, that in some manner his job did seem to be getting easier but his biggest problem was being unable to sleep at night because he would be caught in thoughts of, “could of done this or should have done that.”

Rimel said, “Things are just crazy right now and hectic, I just think it may be better to let someone else take over the responsibility and hope they can handle it better than I did.”

According to Rimel, many residents, family and friends tried talking him out of resigning, but he said he just had to do what he felt was best for his family and himself.

Rimel’s final day was Friday, Sept. 28 at which time his 2012 running mate Rachel Heitman-Reed will take over until April 2013 when the position will be placed on the voting table. When Reed first ran, she said she believed Elsberry needed someone with a younger perspective. She also said she believed she had the skills needed to bring fresh ideas to old issues.

According to city officials, Reed holds a degree in business and is computer savvy.

“I will answer any questions she may have and teach her all I know but I’m going back to work at my old job supervising and dealing with less hassles,” Rimel said.

Rimel said he wanted to thank everyone who gave their support in the election and he apologizes if he has disappointed anyone.

Story courtesy of The Elsberry Democrat.