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Sacred Heart School celebrating 70th anniversary and Alumni Reunion with the community

Posted on Monday, July 21, 2014 at 9:17 am

Pictured below, the first graduating class from Sacred Heart School. They are *Robert Kallash, James Witte, *Elvadean Peasel (Bobeen), Marjorie Hassefield, Janet Hutt, *Charles Lindsey, *Edward Heitman and Father Drimped. The * shows individuals who had children attend the school as well.

Pictured below, the first graduating class from Sacred Heart School. They are *Robert Kallash, James Witte, *Elvadean Peasel (Bobeen), Marjorie Hassefield, Janet Hutt, *Charles Lindsey, *Edward Heitman and Father Drimped. The * shows individuals who had children attend the school as well.

For many in the community, Sacred Heart has been a staple in their lives, and continues to be as generations of their family attend the school and church. This year, 2014, marks the 70th anniversary and celebration for Scared Heart School as they celebrate with an Anniversary Alumni Reunion. This reunion isn’t just for those who have attended the school though; everyone is welcome to celebrate this great parish and their success in the community.

On Aug. 2, Sacred Heart is welcoming the public to help them celebrate 70 years of achievement in the community with food and beverages served by the Sacred Heart Men’s Club, games, music, dancing and much more. There will be a great presentation of the history of Sacred Heart for those who attend and door prizes too. This will be the first annual Sacred Heart Alumni gathering in coordination with Sacred Heart’s annual Church Picnic to be held on August 3.

A bit of history to pique your interest

• The first Sacred Heart Parish was opened in Troy in 1876 and was located at the southwest corner of Court and Collier Streets until 1906.

• In 1891, the Archbishop of St. Louis, J.J. Kain, established Sacred Heart as a Parish after having served as a Mission of St. Alphonsus Parish in Millwood for 15 years.

• In 1906 construction began on a new building, which served the parish for close to 50 years. The cost of the structure was $14,541.45. Residents of Lincoln County donated 85 percent of the cost. The remaining was borrowed from People’s Bank at a six percent interest rate. That loan was paid in full by 1908.

• In 1944 Sacred Heart Parish opened its doors to grade school children. This school was located at the old Jones Hotel property. This housed the first graduating class of the Sacred Heart School.

• In 1954 Sacred Heart burned down on Saturday over Easter weekend, known as Easter Vigil. This was the location of the old Jones Hotel property.

• In 1955 Sacred Heart moved their parish and school to what is now known as Stefanina’s Restaurant on Main Street.

• In 1999 Sacred Heart moved to their current location.

There is much more to learn about Sacred Heart, and one of most rewarding aspects of the school just might be the success they have found, and the great fellowship that follows that success, as they continue to grow and learn together. Among those who will be attending, there could be special guests who were among the first graduating class of Sacred Heart. Robert (Bob) Kallash, who was in the first graduating class recalled his time at the school. “I was in the first graduating class. I made the transfer from Hawk Point to Sacred Heart my eighth grade year.” Kallash said the nuns were different than the Hawk Point nuns as they came from Indiana. “There were three total: a cook and two teachers, which was pretty typical. There were four grades in each room and Father Drimped was a new priest in Troy at the time.” Kallash also recalls moving from Hawk Point where there wasn’t running water to Sacred Heart where they had indoor bathrooms.

Kerry Klump, executive director of the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce attended Sacred Heart School her sixth, seventh and eighth grade year. “It was such a great opportunity for me as it helped me to come out of my shell. I got involved with the speech program and in the church during this time.” Klump added, “I think that the reunion is a fantastic idea and will give the community a chance to see what a wonderful role Sacred Heart has played here in Lincoln County. Many people will be able to catch up with old friends and learn about the history of Sacred Heart while attending the event.”

Since 2000, Sacred Heart has been naming their Alumni of the Year. They are: 2000 Mary Conti; 2001 Betty Schulze; 2002 Father Dominic Lenk; 2003 Ed Grewach; 2004 Dan Torres; 2005 Kate Wolf; 2006 Nick Allen; 2007 Charlene Twellman; 2008 Dolores Wilmes; 2009 Jean Kadlec Meyer; 2010 Susan Kallash Bailey; 2011 Ben Burkemper; 2012 Margie Mennemeyer Beckmann; 2013 Kerry Lenk Klump; 2014 Cameron Finley.

If you were a member of Sacred Heart School, this event is a must see. If you never attended but wish to support the school, please come out and enjoy the atmosphere. The celebration and reunion will begin at 6 p.m. at the Sacred Heart picnic grounds with a history presentation to follow at 6:30 p.m. For more information you can also “like” the Sacred Heart Facebook page at