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Sacred Heart school teacher receives Emerson Excellence in Teaching award

Posted on Monday, December 11, 2017 at 9:29 am

Laurie Clarkson receives her award from Fr. Tom Tom Wissler as the school recognizes her. Submitted photo.

Sacred Heart School teacher Laurie Clarkson joins a select group of St. Louis area educators chosen to receive the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award. This award recognizes teachers for their passion for teaching, their impact on student learning, and their knowledge and creativity in the classroom. The recipients are chosen for their outstanding contributions to the teaching profession and to the students they teach.
Laurie Clarkson is a fourth grade teacher at Sacred Heart where she has been teaching for 15 years. Mrs. Clarkson is the lead learner in her classroom, always seeking new ways to help children succeed to their fullest potential. Laurie wants each child in her room to be excited about learning and to have the confidence to tackle any learning challenges head-on. Laurie actively structures her lessons to provide students many opportunities to develop critical thinking skills. Students engage in learning tasks designed to use not only foundational skills but also teamwork, problem solving, and creativity.
Mrs. Clarkson works collaboratively with her colleagues to apply the tenets of Virtue Based Restorative Discipline (VBRD) at Sacred Heart School. The guiding principles of VBRD of living personal virtues, supporting others in living virtues, being constructive and working through conflict to cultivate virtue are used to help her students become more caring and peaceful. She is especially adept at guiding students through the process of reconciling after conflict occurs.
The Emerson Excellence in Teaching Awards program, sponsored by Emerson, annually recognizes more than 100 educators in the St. Louis metropolitan area-from kindergarten teachers to college professors-who are examples of excellence in their field.

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