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Safe Driver refresher

Posted on Friday, February 22, 2013 at 11:28 am

Are you a safe driver? How about the person you’re riding with? Or the one passing you on the highway? Your teenager? Let’s face it…we all could use a little “refresher” when it comes to practicing safe driving habits. The Everyone…JUST DRIVE! conference will help motivate everyone to consider the benefits of being a safe driver. Whether you are a business owner, insurance agent, soccer mom, health professional, or over the road trucker, everyone will gain insight to how the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is working to reduce fatalities on Missouri’s roads. Conference agenda, a flyer for distribution and the original news release are located online at the link below, along with registration. Registration is necessary to account for lunch that is provided to all attendees and presenters. Help us show support in NE Missouri for efforts of ALL safe drivers and show how we can, together, continue to reduce fatalities.