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Sales tax deposits in Troy down during first reporting period of 2013

Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 9:22 am

Sales tax deposits for the City of Troy were down 7.5 percent in January 2013 compared to one year ago, continuing the ‘roller coaster’ trend month to month.

The one percent local sales tax was 7.23 percent less, bringing in $169,247.87 compared to $182,430.39 one year ago. The one-half percent transportation tax during the month was $82,386.29 compared to $89,205.l6 last January.

The one-half percent capital improvement tax raised $84,502.41 compared to $88,886.00 last year. This was down 4.93 percent. The information was compiled by Linda Flinn, city treasurer.

Jeff Taylor, chief of police, reported to the Board of Aldermen a correspondence from the National Gang Intelligent Center alerting police departments about gangs adopting the Sovereign Citizens Tactics  to Thwart Law Enforcement. “These are some of the same tactics that Freemans have used over the years where they do not recognize local law enforcement and US government agencies,” said Taylor.

Taylor also shared information about a program implemented with all day cares in the city. Whenever a school within the city limits is placed on ‘lock down’, an automatic robo call will be done to all day cares notifying them of the situation so if they are located near that particular school, they can take appropriate actions. “This is done in cooperation of the Lincoln County R-III School District and the Troy Police Department,” said Taylor. “We are making sure our schools are covered by law enforcement.”

David Lindsey, building commissioner, said three residential permits were issued in December increasing the total to 18 permits for the fiscal year (began July 1). The department is preparing the office for the conversion of programs into new software.

City Clerk Jodi Schneider said research of other cities’ policies on landlord-tenant utility service responsibilities  according to state statute has been conducted. Also, a review of delinquent utility accounts was conducted.  Approximately 60 percent of delinquent accounts  are tenant/renter debt (2007-present). The city increased its deposit amount for rental properties to $150 but that amount does not cover the entire delinquency for two months’ average water bill if occupant leaves without paying their bill (in part due to increase in sewer rates). Schneider wore that ‘it is not recommended to increase deposit amount since it is considered one of the highest in the state.’ She commended Kathy Pieper, utility clerk, for consistent collection efforts made in the utility department and asked the board to consider incorporating the state statue into the city ordinance.

Under the park board report, Scott Muckerman is getting repair and/or replacement costs for the fountain in the duck pond. He also reported the large pavilion in Fairgrounds Park has been vandalized again and that the repairs are becoming useless due to the age and use of the building.

Clint Cunningham, public works superintendent, reported 50 tons of salt have been used on the streets along with 1,500 gallons of salt brine. Average usage of water for the reported period was 1,120,000 gallons per day. He said two water samples came back coliform positive. Fourteen (14) repeat samples were taken and they were reported absence of coliform. Residents were notified. All seven tornado sirens were tested on Jan. 8, 2013, all found in working condition.