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Schupp on quest to play, review every golf course in Missouri

Posted on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 10:02 am

Mark Schupp is “golfing across Missouri” as he attempts to play every course in the state.

Mark Schupp is “golfing across Missouri” as he attempts to play every course in the state.

Last Tuesday, the day began for Mark Schupp playing golf at Incline Village near Wright City. Later that morning, he played at Woods Fort Country Club in Troy before ending his day testing his skills at Sun Valley Golf Course near Elsberry. What do you say, is unusual about this?
Schupp has set his sights on playing every golf course in the state of Missouri. He hopes to complete this effort next year.
“There are over 400 golf courses that I plan to play on before I complete this journey,” he said.
Schupp sold his business in 2014 and immediately got to work on accomplishing something no one else has done, playing every one of the golf courses in the Show-Me State. As opposed to many retirees who are worried about how they will fill their time, Schupp has very little free time.
“This project is all consuming,” he told The Journal. “It truly is a labor of love, particularly since I am not charging the courses for any of these services,” Schupp said. “Creating a website, keeping it up to date, contacting the courses, planning the schedule, coordinating travel, etc. keeps me busier than my job ever did. Playing the courses is the easy part. But, regrettably the actual playing time represents only a small fraction of the total time I spend on the project.”
Not only does he tests his skills in golf, he also packs a camera which helps him further document his experiences but helps him in developing a website to review the courses he has played on.
“When traveling around the state, I noticed that there was no single resource for good information on each of the courses in Missouri,” he said. “So, I decided to do it.”
In preparation for this quest, Schupp took a semester-long class and spent the next seven months designing and programming a website to track and review each of the courses he plays. The site includes a map of every course in the state, colored-coded so visitors can track Schupp’s progress. The website also includes a list of the best public courses, the best private courses and “The Best” in several other categories such as: best club house, most fun, best staff, etc.
His hope is to provide the golfer with a resource of detailed information about, not only the uniqueness of each course, but also more information of the area where it is located. The site will have photos of the best features of the course,
“I have traveled through Troy many times, but I have never had the time to tour the area and play the local course,” said Schupp. “After a little research I found out that Woods Fort Country Club has an outstanding reputation.”
While touring the state, Schupp is getting more out of the tour than he expected.
“I am finding that playing every course in Missouri is much more about than just playing golf. It is becoming more about meeting and spending time with the great people of Missouri and hearing their stories,” Schupp said.
Through last week, Schupp has played about one- third of Missouri’s courses. His goal for 2016 is to play and review at least 100 courses.
Schupp retired from an advertising and marketing career. After graduating from University of Central Missouri, Schupp began his career in Kansas City working at one of the largest advertising agencies in the world. Schupp was then hired by the famed D’Arcy MacManus and Masius in St. Louis where he worked on Red Lobster and Anheuser-Busch accounts. He started his own agency in 1993, with Anheuser-Busch as his first client. Mark sold his agency in 2014.
Since retiring, Schupp has created and produced moving anti-heroin television commercials for the National Council on Drug Abuse and Alcoholism. In 2016, Schupp wrote, directed and produced an emotional video for the Alzheimer’s Association.

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