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Sheriff zero tolerance tow policy for uninsured motorists

Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 at 4:31 pm

Starting Sept. 1, Sheriff John Cottle announced a zero tolerance policy for motorists driving with a suspended or revoked license and motorist who drive without insurance. To protect the insured, drivers found driving with a revoked or suspended driver’s license will automatically have their vehicle towed at their expense.

In most cases, revoked and suspended drivers do not carry insurance because of their driving status.

In addition, driver’s who do not carry insurance will have their vehicles automatically towed at their expense. Deputies will transport the non-insured driver to a safe location where they will be responsible to find a ride to their destination.

“Speaking with local and national insurance companies, the number one way I can help protect insured motorists is by removing those uninsured from the road,” said Sheriff Cottle. “My deputies are more likely to encounter a no insurance situation during a traffic stop than any other and it is getting increasingly worse.”

According to the industry-backed Insurance Information Institute, an estimated 13.7 percent of Missouri motorists were uninsured in 2009.