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Silex FFA at Area V Trap Shoot

Posted on Monday, November 18, 2013 at 8:59 am

Silex FFA Trap Teams

Pictured above are the Silex FFA Trap teams who enjoyed a successful season this fall. The Area V Trap Shoot was held in Kahoka, Mo. The “A” Squad consisted of Jake Price, Josh Brownlee, Jeffrey Twellman, Matt Huber, and Malone Wilmes. The “B” Squad consisted of Taylor Eisenbath, Geoff Cox, Garrett Zumwalt, Jonathan Green, and Maverick Wilmes. The Ladies squad was Allison Fischer, Mandy Franklin, McIntyre Wilmes, Ally Grote, and Sarah Hudson.

The Trap teams had a fun time and enjoyed representing the Silex FFA Chapter this fall season. They would like to thank all of their supporters and sponsors throughout this season, including Waco, the Franklin Family and the Lolar Branch Outdoor Sports.

The Silex FFA Chapter was very impressed this year with all the trap shooters. All the dedication that was put in from the members showed throughout the season. Silex FFA wants to thank all the parents and other supporters that came to the shoots or put in their time or the money that trap shooting needs so much of. Silex FFA Chapter hopes for more great seasons to come in the future.