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Silex FFA attends district trap shoot, speech contests

Posted on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at 12:10 pm

The Silex FFA Members that participated in the Area V Fall Public Speaking Contests. Photo by Silex Schools

Chapter competes at area speech contests

Seventeen Silex FFA members attended the Area V Rituals and Fall Public Speaking Contests. The Rituals team consisted of Lexi Plackemeier, Allison Schneider, Brian Henke, Gwen Gilbert, Caitlyn Twellman and Kate McDonald. The Rituals team’s practice and hard work paid off, and they received fourth place.

Gwen Gilbert and Allison Schneider served as delegates for the Area V Association meeting. Drew Kientzy and Allie Norton received first place for their speeches in the Missouri Pet Breeder’s Association and Teach Ag speeches, respectively. Ethan Kientzy received second place for his Soil and Water Association speech, Tommy Grote received second place for his Missouri Cattlemen’s Association speech and Rachel Klein placed second in the Cooperatives category. Felicity Stokes, Brian Henke, Kate McDonald and Caitlyn Twellman all placed third in their respective divisions.

Congratulations to all the Silex FFA members that participated in the Area V Fall Public Speaking Contest.

The Silex FFA Chapter is very proud of all of these members. All of their hard work, dedication, confidence and leadership are great skills that have been grown through participating in the Fall Public Speaking Contest. Keep up the awesome work Silex FFA!

Silex FFA competes at trap shoot

The Silex FFA Trap teams had a successful season this fall. Silex FFA A-Squad received first place at Area and this qualifies them for the District Trap Shoot. The Area V Trap Shoot was held in West Quincy, Missouri.

The A-Squad consists  of Hayden Miller, Jackson Murphree, Kelan Kinion, Tyler Mudd and Brecken Johnston. The B-Squad consists of Raymond Bird, Trevor Turpin, Alex Creech, Collin Twellman and Grace Hudson.

The Silex FFA Trap Team A-Squad, was also able to shoot at the District Trap Shoot in Macon, Missouri. Our District Champ Trap Shooter Squad consisted of Hayden Miller, Jackson Murphree, Kelan Kinion, Tyler Mudd and Brecken Johnston.

Hayden Miller received first individual with 100 straight.

Great job to our Trap Shooters for this amazing season!

The Silex FFA Chapter was very impressed this year with all the trap shooters.

All the dedication that was put in from the members showed throughout the season. Silex FFA wants to thank all the parents and other supporters that came to the shoots and the people who put in their time or the cost that trap shooting requires.

Silex FFA hopes for more great seasons to come in the future.

-Rachel Klein