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Silex Outdoor Classroom

Posted on Monday, September 17, 2012 at 10:05 am

In 1996 Silex PTO established an Outdoor Classroom. At that time the committee established a plan for woodland

Ethan Kientzy and Kelan Kinion filling up to haul water to one of the stations.

identification, garden plots, an aquatic pond, weather station, amphitheater, picnic tables, birdhouses and feeders. habitats for rabbits, squirrels and birds were developed.

Fourth Grade teacher, Jeannie Cox, is the teacher coordinator and has worked actively with the outdoor classroom since 1997. Mrs. Cox organizes and plans for the ongoing projects and encourages other teachers to participate. Her students help with filling of the feeders and maintaining other areas, such as the aquatic pond. She makes sure that feed is available at all times for the animals. The Outdoor Classroom serves over 300 students a year.  According to Nancy Snider of the Missouri Department of Conservation, “The Silex Outdoor Classroom is the most active and longest established working outdoor classroom in the St. Louis Region.”

Silex PTO helps with funding of the outdoor classroom every year, but students are welcome to bring in donations of sunflower seeds, bird seed, ear corn, feeders and fish food. When students bring in donations they are added to the “Outdoor Classroom Honor Roll.”  If you would like to make a donation please drop them off with Mrs. Cox at Silex Elementary.