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Sitler resigns as coroner

Posted on Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 11:50 am

Lisa Sitler, Coroner of Lincoln County, submitted her resignation last Tuesday to the Lincoln County Commissioners. Unexpected opportunities to work to advance certification and standards in the public nursing health field were made available. which will generate additional time concerns.  Her last day is March 7.

Lisa Sitler

Lisa Sitler

She will serve on a Standard Setting Study for Advanced Public Health Nursing by the American Nurses Association and will be traveling to Washington, D.C. to work with a team on this project.

“I truly regret having to arrive at this decision,” she said. “I have found working with residents closely in difficult situations where I could perhaps provide some immediate attention was very imporrant.”

She explained further in a letter to county residents.

“ lI have received an opportunity to serve on a national public health nursing committee and I am resigning as your coroner,” she wrote. “Due to the nature of the coroner job, which requires 24 hours a day service, I did not want to fail to continue to provide the standards for high quality of care that I have set upon my office. While I will remain in Lincoln County, I determined it was in the best interest of my residents to step down from this position.

“I have had the honor of serving you for just over a year and two months. During this time, I have gotten to know many wonderful people and shared some of the most intimate moments of your lives. I hope that I have provided some comfort to those of you I have met. I have learned about the wonderful lives of many of our residents and I thank you for sharing these with me. I appreciate your confidence in electing me as your coroner. I hope to one day again have the opportunity to serve you.”

She will remain in her position as health educator with the Lincoln County Health Department.

She also sent her letter of resignation to Gov. Jay Nixon.