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Stone recognized at state fair for generous gesture in Young’s memory

Posted on Monday, September 23, 2013 at 2:05 pm

Nathan Stone (right) with Gov. Jay NixonAs if the Lincoln County Fair wasn’t enough, Nathan Stone is still receiving an immense amount of support for his selflessness deeds towards the family of Jillian Young. However, it was at the Missouri State Fair when he saw exactly how far his story had reached.

“I was told we had to wear official dress for the Missouri State Fair Governor’s Breakfast,” explained Stone.

Stone said when he got to the fair there were a few people, including four or five from the FFA Association, who greeted them at the door.

“I was like OK, they’re in official dress, I’m in official dress, yet we walk in and there is nobody else there,” explained Stone. “I thought that maybe we were just going to eat breakfast and kind of go from there, I didn’t really know what was going on at that point.”

According to Stone, once others showed up they began going over some of the items on the agenda. They sold a ham for $3,200, as well as a belt buckle and some other stuff. They handed out some awards, recognized a few people and finally everyone began to eat.

“As we’re eating, the the former director for the state fair began to speak saying they had a special guest here; a person who raised over $8,000 for a very special friend’s memorial scholarship,” said Stone. “They didn’t say my name, they didn’t say her [Jillian Young] name, so I’m looking around and looking around, and I always figured my mom and dad would always tell me if something was up, well I was wrong.”

Stone said the next thing he knew, they said his name. However, it still didn’t click. Stone said he was looking around at first for this person who did this great thing, not thinking it was him.

“I mean Mr. Vandivort (Elsberry FFA advisor) wouldn’t look at me, my parents wouldn’t look at me, no one would look at me, so I just thought there was another Stone kid that did what I did,” said Stone.

Finally, Vandivort looked over and told Stone it was him receiving the award and that he needed to stand up.

“I was in just shock about being set up like this, by my own parents and my advisor none the less,” said Stone. “Governor, Jay Nixon, told me to never give up on my dreams and when I was walking past him, he gave me a hug, which kind of surprised me because I wasn’t expecting a hug from our state leader.”

Stone received the Excellency Award for the Department of Agriculture. He said going forward he plans on going to college for mechanics. He also said he may take a break from showing hogs, but still show steer, but then again who knows.

“It was a great day, once I figured everything out,” said Stone. “I even got to sit next to the Missouri State Fair Queen, which was definitely cool in itself.”

Article courtesy of Elsberry Democrat